What does St. Paul mean to you?

Obviously, St. Paul is first and foremost where we come to connect with God, to seek His word and to grow in Christ. But St. Paul is so much more…. for some, it’s been their church home for years; for others that are newer to the church it is a place where they come to hear God’s word in the fellowship of others and have felt accepted and welcomed. It is a place where some grew up in the youth group, made memories, and developed the foundation of their faith today. It is a place where mission and outreach are priorities, where luncheons and fundraisers are held to support numerous missions. It’s a place for the Sweet Sounds to practice with their songs of joy. It is a place where the young adults in the church want to raise their children and grandchildren. It’s a place where Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts learn to serve God, Family, Community, and their Country. Weddings, baptisms, funerals, confirmations, epiphanies, friendships, laughter, tears, all of these amazing events happen right here under the roof of St. Paul United Methodist Church.

This area has lots of churches, many of them are perhaps newer buildings, but none of them are a gorgeous jewel tucked in the middle of a community…a community which is filled with potential followers.

We all know that the church is not the building, nor the land that it sits on, but the church is God’s people. We have a place for community worship, gatherings, celebrations, fundraising events, funeral dinners, baptisms, Vacation Bible School; a place where we fulfill our mission, succeed at sharing God’s word, and bring those who do not yet know Christ or those who desire a more intimate relationship with Christ into His light.

We need St. Paul UMC and St. Paul UMC needs us. If we want to continue to “Be the Church, Grow in Christ and Spread the Word” then we need to commit to giving our tithes and offerings through this place which God has set in this location for such a time as this.

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